Artist: Nana RHB
Size: 128 x 92 cm
Category: Painting
ID-no: 9.0599
Price: 18.000,00 DKK

Acrylic and pigmented photo print on sailcloth - On the back is the title of the painting and the artist's signature

Many people will recognize it to collect something and to build a collection of example. stamps, butterflies or pipes. Within the world of art, there are also collectors; private as well as public, who become fascinated and over the years acquire more and more works of art to enrich their collections at home or in the workplace. However, having a collection is not just for collectors. An artist can also have collections, and this can even serve as research and a source of inspiration for work production and development. This is the case in Nana R.H. Bastrup's studio.

The viewer is invited in the exhibition Collections into Nana R. H. Bastrup's picturesque universe of accumulations e.g. of cardboard boxes, in which selected and collected items such as books, flowers and masks are "wrapped" and arranged in collections. The most recent major installation of discarded and accumulated cardboard boxes was in 2020, when she participated in the Changwon Sculpture Biennale in South Korea.

In her pictorial world, accumulations of repetitions and rhythms also dominate. The chameleon effect in particular with color change and adaptability is a picturesque leitmotif in terms of content, form and meaning. The descending lines, which in their organic linear or non-linear trajectories on the canvases, contribute to a picturesque improvisation in the otherwise so orderly compositions.

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